A Quick Reminder to Embrace Your Day and Live Presently

Christian Martin Jr.
Nov 2 · 2 min read

I think of life as the course of a day.

Each decade is akin to each passing phase of the day filled with its unique blessings and challenges.

It’s a vapor that passes too quickly.

Live now, regret not the past; worry not about the future.

Embrace each phase…


When we are born into this world, the sun kisses the horizon with a new dawn.

The sun rises and apexes at noon; in the heat of the day, we toil and labor and find our way.

The sun sets, and so does our lives. But instead of grumbling and worrying about the coming night, we can enjoy the cool breeze the late day brings.


To laugh at our mistakes, for many they will be. To forgive those who hurt us, and most importantly, to forgive ourselves along the way.

With grateful appreciation of all the wonderful memories the day has brought to us, and to await the dawning of the stars; a new and different beauty of the day as it folds into the next phase called night.

As always…thanks for reading.

Christian Martin Jr.

Written by

I write to inspire so that we may thrive and flourish. Published author — https://goo.gl/KYyvcJ & a huge fan of dark chocolate and a red blend.

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