Xtreme VR and Your Birthday Equals the Best Bash Ever!

Xtreme VR
Xtreme VR
Aug 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Xtreme VR and Your Birthday Equals the Best Bash Ever!

Your kid’s birthday is around the corner and you want to give them the most epic birthday party ever. But, how do you plan the most exciting and amazing birthday bash for them, while simultaneously ensuring that they do not hurt themselves high on the sugar rush?

The answer is VR Gaming.

Kids love VR gaming. It’s a rage today. So, how about gifting your child a birthday party that lets them play their favorite games. With their friends. In VR!

They are growing up, so should their birthday parties. Virtual reality gaming is the most immersive and spectacular gaming experience in existence. Your kid can enjoy the most adventurous, exciting, and action-packed games without ever hurting themselves. VR gaming is every parent’s dream come true and we now bring it to you.

Xtreme VR is here to offer them the most futuristic birthday party yet. We can make a lot happen. Let’s give you a preview of this awesome birthday party you are about to throw.

Immersed in a New World

Virtual reality is as close to magic as it gets and who better to take them on a virtual extravaganza than Xtreme VR. After all, we are one of the first virtual reality arcades in the entire United States. Over time, we have added a gigantic collection of games to our gaming arsenal. If there is a gaming genre your kid likes, then we have a game for them. In fact, you can even throw them a Fortnite Themed Birthday party, if they are a fan.

When you celebrate a birthday with us, all your guests get to enjoy one hour of VR gaming. But, we have something exclusive for the birthday star — an exclusive VR gaming pass. They get to game more, enjoy more and feel special.

All the Party Fixings Included

Once your guests have had their fill of VR, you can take the celebrations to the party room. Nothing screams party like a great pizza. At Xtreme VR, we fix your guests with a mean pizza. There are cold drinks, chips, and popcorn for them to munch on too.

Whether it is the invitations, balloons, plates, napkins, or even the music and the lighting, everything is included in the birthday bash at Xtreme VR. You need not worry about a thing. You can also bring your own food and drinks. We don’t mind.

Everyone is Welcome

Of course. It’s your kid’s party, and anyone they want to invite is welcome. In fact, if you bring in more than 20 guests to the party, Xtreme VR will offer you a mind-blowing deal.

Parents of all the kids can hang out at the party for no extra charge. They can bring in all the snacks they want too. And, you know what — VR does not have any age restriction. So, why not try a hand at VR Gaming? You’ll probably love it. After all, when in Rome…

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