Canadaman Race Focus

XTRI the Journey
Jan 21 · 3 min read

by the Canadaman team

Hello to all you adventurous triathletes from around the world.

We invite you to Canada to race the 2020 Canadian XTRI. We would love to see you in our wild part of the world.
As organisers, we strive to describe Canada Man / Woman, but we don’t think we are in the best position to do it so we prefer to let the athletes speak :

“Raw, Extraordinary, Exhilarating. The race was raw, it was beautiful, relentless, and as physically hard as anything I have ever done. But it is difficult to describe the massive open landscape here, the roads that go on forever, and the huge lakes surrounded by steep, forested hills. That has to be experienced to be believed.”

Caroline Livesey, United Kingdom, winner of 2019 Canada Man / Woman

“Thanks and long live Canadaman!”

Benoît Wilmet, Belgium

The swim start in the dark waters of Lac-Mégantic does not fail to impress the many triathletes and spectators.

The crowd welcoming the swim exit at the Baie-des-Sables drives you, the athlete, forward to the demanding and beautiful bike course, which reflects the entire region.

And of course, the running is a huge effort and provide alternating feelings of suffering and wonder.

The XTRI support system is a eulogy to sportsmanship. The arrival under the stars together is a must.

BUT what makes your race a challenge like none other comparable is the people involved. The organisers, who are everywhere before, during and after the triathlon, always ready to give encouragement or a smile, but also to all the people we meet along the way. They, without hesitation, will encourage you with a trumpet, a bell or a war cry urging you not to let go.

Maybe it is for all these reasons that the Canadaman Xtreme Triathlon was crowned # 1 race in Canada by Triathlon Magazine Canada!

To register for 2020 visit

To watch the two first editions TV shows:

We hope to see you in Canada this year!

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