Why protect wildlife?

This week I learnt “nature selection” in Biology class, the species which cannot adjust the change of environment would die out, and the survived one would evolve. So why should we protect wild animal? Why should we impede the natural progress at the cost of satisfying our own time, money, and productivity?

First of all, I want to say that my main opinion is reducing the impacts of human behaviors on wild animals, but I don’t support interfering natural behaviors.

I think many people protect animal because of emotion. Like me, when I see the animals in danger, when I realize that some endangered animals will disappear forever, I’m willing to protect them due to my sympathy. Every life has right to survive, that is my original reason to conserve wildlife.

Now I want to talk about some objective signature of protecting animals.

Biodiversity is important for ecosystem. Every species is necessary for the forest chain. The balance of the ecosystem is delicate, the loss of one link will ruin the whole system. There is a term called ecosystem services, it means every life on earth do interact with the surrounding. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen, which is necessary to our breath. Bees produce honey and human eat it, that is an obvious service. Besides, there are some recessive ecosystem services. For example, bombus pollinates some specific plants, if it dies out, these plants would also become extinct. Because of chain reaction, a problem of one species will make trouble to the whole ecosystem.

In addition, according to the statistics from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 25% of the medicinal prescriptions contain chemical substances from animals. Our present science and technology cannot explore all useful substances we need from animals. Maybe in the future, we will find one essential substances can only abstract from a species, but it is already extinct. Our mistake on wild animals may never be made up.





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