Why AI is more convincing than blockchain

1 min readJan 15, 2023
Photo by DeepMind on Unsplash

AI or artificial intelligence is moving into the next phase.

AI creates chat responses like ChatGPT, one of the current valuable applications that makes the internet crazy again.

AI is an active technology while blockchain is more passive.

The blockchain validates information one by one through an incentive.

Satoshi was the one person turns such an incentive into digital money to reward participants for their contributions.

But I think the blockchain has more applications to use beyond money. Yet many projects were around how to maximize the benefits of the money without contributing more to improve your life.

That is why greed inflated along with digital money.

Unlike AI, data is an expense to allow the machine to run toward our goal.

It benefits the whole system as long as users fit more data into the machine.

Of course, we will have a privacy concern. But AI can evolve without infringing on one’s privacy.

These two completely different philosophies of approach may change our mindset toward utilizing technology in the future.

We may not need more digital money to make only a few people rich but more technology to benefit everyone and make their life easier in the future.