Facebook and How UIs Twist Your Words
Chantal Jandard

(Now I’m hypersensitive to the medium—was there a version testing messaging with this kind of response box? lol)

Love your study! It’s super cool! And funny enough, for a minute or two, I totally thought Alex Shaw was the author—he’s a social psychology professor at U of Chicago; although his research interests are somewhat different, there is another researcher at the b school in Chicago who may totally do this work. So I thought it would be a collaboration project between Alex Shaw and that professor. How wrong was I!

That said, I’m wondering if you have plans carrying this project forward. I’m a PhD candidate in social psych at Brown studying interpersonal understanding, perspective taking, and empathy, and I’m super fascinated by your results and have a few more thoughts about the “spontaneous vs. structured” format of messaging. I want to talk to you and collaborate! (Google me and you’ll find my website and contact info, if you’re also interested in deepening this work and having more fun studies!)

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