Any one who purchased Dell XPS 420 system and hp pavilion dv6000?

Any one who purchased Dell XPS 420 system and hp pavilion dv6000?

Do you have a defective Dell XPS 420 system , which has become unusable due to damage to the motherboard , you can change this now. Unfortunately if you study the Dell main and auxiliary connector pinouts I’ve listed here and compare them to the industry standard ATX pinouts listed earlier, you’ll see that not only are the voltage and signal positions changed, but the number of terminals carrying specific voltages and grounds has changed as well.3wn11

Hi, my laptop is hp pavilion dv6000, and the problem is it does not have a picture on the screen but the backlight is on, i had done everything on the guide, using external LCD then no video, re-setting and replacing memory yet same result, everything is working well, keyboard, lights, fan, hard-drive running, cd-rom good, the only problem is that i could not get a video on the LCD yet yet the backlight is on?, What’s the problem and What to do?.thanks.4gvgh


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