When talking about the feeling of freedom in games, people usually think of open world games, like Grand Theft Auto and Zelda. The open world is a genre in which players can roam a virtual world and approach objectives freely. It usually provides players a large map to explore, many different quests that they choose from, and endless items that players can get. It does give players a lot of freedom.

Open World Fatigue

However, with the release of numerous amount of big open world games, “open world fatigue” has become a common topic in gamers. People started to feel…

Slay the Spire is a fusion of roguelike and deck building game on Steam. It’s now still Early Access version and got more than 10000 reviews which are overwhelmingly positive.

Machine learning has made great progress in many fields in recent years. And it’s one of the is one of the hottest topic in every field now. And as a game developer and designer, my curiosity in machine learning will be how does machine learning and games combine together. To look at this, the first question will be “what’s machine learning good at?”

From the application perspective, machine learning is good at “recognition”, “prediction”. Recognition means recognition of patterns and regularities in data, for example, recognize numbers and characters in pictures. Prediction means predict the future by given data, like…

This is one of my work for Jesse Schell’s game design class.

The goal of this assignment is to create an improved version of the game of Hopscotch. Document your process as you go. Your work will be judged on how enjoyable a game you manage to create — for the intended audience.

Part I

1. List some of the things that make hopscotch a good game.
2. List problems with the game of hopscotch that your design might try to solve.
Brainstorm (in writing) at least fifty ideas about hopscotch. …

This is a design log for my ETC project. It’s about designing a puzzle-solving activity within a bigger role play game. And we have met several interesting design challenges. I want to share what problems we met, how we solved some of them, and what we have learned so far.

I will start with what the bigger role play game is. Our clients are designing a tabletop role play game talking about the women worked in the Bletchley Park during WWII. It’s an experience for 4 to 6 players who are interested in history and tabletop role play games. …

When I was reading Costikyan’s “Randomness: Blight or Bane?”, “The Binding of Isaac” immediately came to my mind because it is a game with heavy random elements. It has been my favorite game for a long time. I have played it for over 500 hours, not only because the perfect coordination of chance and skill, but that definitely adds to the fun.

It is a game full of randomness where a powerful item can change the whole experience of the game, a new player can beat the final boss when he first plays the game if he is lucky enough…

DotA2 and League of Legends has been hit games for several years and they are even more and more popular. League of Legends has over 100 million players now. This seldom happens to any other genres of online games that has been running for so long. And this article will discuss the things I think that makes MOBA so different from other online game genres.

Google Trends for League of Legends

Everything happens in other games, happens in the 40 minutes of a MOBA game.

Of course it’s an exaggeration. But it’s true that MOBA games have most of the key elements, the fun that other genres online games have. …

Xuejun Wang

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