This seems to be an ongoing dialog that is not as simple as it might appear.
Sherman Dee

An excellent argument. I wrote that article about a year ago and have rethought about the issue.

I do acknowledge that discipline without desire would be a tedious life. One so boring that, if taken to the extreme, one would start questioning whether life is worth living. In a sense, corporations/organizations would be better of with pure discipline driven members. The organization as a collective whole would be much better off. Just like working on a nuclear submarine, the entire submarine is better off if everyone worked in a discipline manner.

Of course, we are all human, hence the desires and dreams. I guess when I wrote this piece, my field of thinking was too narrow. I assumed that desires would be more easily obtain than discipline. It is human nature to desire, is it not?

I do agree with your comment. Why choose one when you can pick both, right? XD

Thanks for reading and commenting! Will take a look at the book recommended.

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