Did You Forget to Ask Why?

I was extremely annoying as a kid ( I still am annoying but just not a kid anymore).We all know the one. The smart-aleck, the one that chatters incessantly, the one that teachers like to give time outs just for the sake of having a peaceful classroom for 10 minutes.

One of the major reasons my teachers couldn’t stand me was because I had to ask why to almost everything.

Some examples are

  1. Why must 2 plus 2 equal 4?
  2. Why must I ask for permission?
  3. Why are you angry?
  4. Why does fire not have a shape?
  5. Why can’t I keep asking why?

Needless to say I was not a model student. (In fact, most of my teachers probably had a few extra gray hairs just from dealing with me.) As I grew older, I stopped asking why. Perhaps the world had lost its fascination to me or I just didn’t care anymore.

Nevertheless, I started asking it once again. This time much more seriously. Of course, the difference this time was that the only person I directed those questions to were myself.

  1. Why am I putting in so much effort yet getting such terrible results?
  2. Why do I avoid going out with friends?
  3. Why do I have problems making good decisions?
  4. Why does he dislike working with me?
  5. Why am I falling ill?

As you can see, the why’s have become substantially complex. Yet those questions become more relevant and are of great importance to me. The reason is because

Asking why is the gateway to improving.

Just by asking why, I start down the path to self improvement.

With the why, I become aware that there is a problem to be solved. Then only can I begin to find methods, techniques to eliminate the why.

With the why, I have a direction to work towards. I have a concrete problem that needs to be tackled and analysed. Then only can I do research and gather information on it.

With the why, I also have an interest. An interest in how this problem affects my life currently and how my world would change by solving it. Then only will I have the motivation and passion to courageously step forward and overcome those hurdles.

So many people don’t bother asking why anymore. They just go on with their lives carrying along the bad habits, problems and other negative issues. Those are like parasites, leeching and sapping away whatever happiness and joy in our lives. They may be small now but they will grow in both size and quantity. Before we know it, we have already become mechanical zombies with no soul, only going through the motions of life without feeling and enjoyment.

So I urge you. Ask more why’s. Why are you unable to wake up in time for class? Why do you make excuses to go to the gym? Why do you feel a crushing pressure when you talk to your superiors at work? Why do you not have the courage to ask that cute girl out? (Still working on this problem). Those are the hard questions, but those are also the relevant questions. Everybody's answer might be different, but the questions won’t change.

Why not give it a try? Perhaps you might be able to find some parasites that you weren’t even aware of in your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read! I appreciate it.

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