where to go when graduate

Time passed quickly,It has been three years since the first time I come here.However,seldom of people notice that,most of my friends are still addicted to games,chat or travel,but where is our future?

some guys like reading,some prefer to writing,and some tend to speaking,unfortunately,we are easily defeated by life eventualy.

when we are fresh man,everyone were excting about many thing,such as literary、biology、history、painting and even mathematics.Though most of which can not bring us money,that’s the reality,one of the part as the animals,that is to say,to make a live in society.

with the time passed,we show the part to be human,pursue for the power of science and love.That is the culture power,oppsite of nature power.

we are young,money is just a kind of tools help us to achieve our dream ,so is the same with material satisfication.

let’s rememory the motto :

We’ve walked a long time,but don’t forget why we start.
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