I just finished my last talk with my 1st offer as a UX designer in the U.S. I totally understand it’s been worst than ever hunting jobs under pandemic. But I still feel disappointed when it ends up like this.

Starting from the beginning, everything seems normal. I came across…

Do students only like playing instead of learning?

Education in Games (source)

Why do we talk about games and education?

With the major of educational technology, I want to explore more about the educational side of games and how is it effective in certain cases.

Marc Prensky used “digital natives” and “digital immigrants” to describe the one who was born in the digital era and the one who entered the…

Explore the color mechanism in games.

I’m a UX designer and interested in game production. However, there isn’t much about game UX/UI in school course so I’ve been explored it on my own for a while. In this article, I want to talk about some of my observations about color usage in my previous game experience…

Are you frustrated with idea brainstorming? Here are my experiences.

Picture from Partners Resource Network

I’ve been through a lot of frustrating brainstorming sessions where a group of people sitting and staring at each other. Even for those ideations I’ve done at home, I often got stuck on current ideas and cannot move forward.

This can happen a lot during many design ideation sessions, not…

Delve into the phenomenon of an increasing trend of game streaming.

Game Streaming

Watching others playing games has steadily been a business. The success of Twitch proved the bright vision of game streaming and people enjoy these activities. Why is it cool to play games by yourself and have others watching? Why is it fun to watch others creating their own stories?

Try New Games


Discussion about the difference between the video game engagement and addiction, as well as the relevant gameplay design.

Image from The Jakarta Post

As video games are getting increasingly popular, we’ve heard a lot of comments about the bad consequences of video game addiction. Addiction itself is not a very neutral word in the sense that people cannot get away from the thing they are addicted to. …

Explore the reasons why women tend to play Support in MOBA games.

Image from GameSkinny

MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is originated from Real-Time Strategy in which each player controls a single character, usually on a map in an isometric perspective, as part of a team of 5 competing against another team of players.

Authors: Miaojun Xu, with Yu Zhao, GyuEun Park, and AnnaB


Click here to view the website we implemented as our final prototype. We will further introduce its features and usage in context as follows.

Platform usage in context

An isolated standard process for creating a new reflection will be:

For this functionality, students can…

Authors: Miaojun Xu, with Yu Zhao, GyuEun Park, and AnnaB

Problem Statement

Project-based learning has always been the value of Kentucky Avenue School. Documentation and reflection are two central topics when it comes to project-based learning. …

UC Berkeley CS160 Summer 2017

By April Xu, Bryan Lov, Emanuel Lucban, Will Sheng, Ahmed Thabet, Ariel Swingley

***This article is the same as the one posted by Miaojun Xu, who is myself changing the medium account.

EOS is a virtual world incentivizing users to keep in touch with friends…

Miaojun Xu

UX designer, game designer, @CMU METALS

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