Do students only like playing instead of learning?

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Education in Games (source)

Why do we talk about games and education?

With the major of educational technology, I want to explore more about the educational side of games and how is it effective in certain cases.

Marc Prensky used “digital natives” and “digital immigrants” to describe the one who was born in the digital era and the one who entered the digital era after they grew up. Imagine an elder and a teenager trying to accomplish the mission of saving the game world, it seems unbelievable. But it is the power of a good game bringing digital natives and digital immigrants together.

There is always a heatedly discussed debate about children playing games. If children eventually are going to play some digital games, which games do you want them to play? Why do children like playing games? …


Miaojun Xu

UX designer, game designer, @CMU METALS

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