Homebrew and NSP, how to run them with SX OS V1.4?

Recently, Team Xecuter offers us a new update, since Nintendo Switch has been cracked completely, more and more players can enjoy free games and other applications using Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS. Now, the latest version of SX OS V1.4 brings us two new features: an NSP file installer and a Homebrew Launcher, but how to run them on Nintendo Switch? You can find the answer here.

About SX OS V1.4

For the update this time, the xecuter team helps us solve a lot of problems, especially the problem of homebrew and NSP games, it is easier to use until now.

Built-in * .NSP installer
With our latest update, we introduced the ability to install NSP eShop titles. But this was based on the use of external tools and was not very user friendly. In this version, we bring our own built-in NSP installer into our menu system. This is the cleanest and easiest way to install NSP titles, enjoy!

Integrated Homebrew launcher
The launch of the homebrew was done by launching NX HBMenu by holding down the R key when entering the album. Although we have kept this possibility (especially for developers), you can now launch your favorite homebrew directly from our own menu!

IR / Motion Plus Bug Fixed
Some games (like 1–2-Switch and Resident Evil) suffered from Freezes when activating the IR joycon camera or motion commands.

Ability to use unsigned NCAs
Many people asked us if we could get rid of NCA integrity checks, so we did! Custom NCA files, modified NCA files, and repacked NCA files should all work properly now.

Viewing the SX OS version in the menu
To better distinguish the different versions of SX OS, we have introduced a small version number display in our menu.

How to run Homebrew Launcher and .NSP games by SX OS V1.4?

Changing a built-in * .NSP installer

As you know, in the beginning, the CFW of SX OS only supports the backups of the Switch games, ie the file in .XCI format can only work on our console of the Switch, from the launch of SX OS V1.3, eShop games can be installed in NSP format. But the operations are not simple for all players, if you would like to install a .NSP file, you need a legitimate copy of the DevMenu, which can be launched now via LayeredFS. It’s a little complicated. However, with the release of SX OS 1.4, we finally have an easy way to install nsp files. Because with SX OS V1.4, he owned the built-in NSP installer in the menu system, you can easily install the NSP titles.

Integrated Homebrew launcher

With the CFW SX OS, we can not only play free games, it also allows us to enjoy other applications by installing a homebrew. At first, the launch of homebrew was done by launching NX HBMenu while holding down R when you entered the album, currently, launching your favorite homebrew directly from its own menu, it’s easier and convenient.

Instructions :


  • Your Switch console
  • The last SX OS V1.4 over here
  • TegraRCM
  • Zadig APX Driver

Approaches :

  1. Prepare your trombone
  2. Put your switch in RCM mode
  3. Download boot.dat, payload.bin and TegraRCM
  4. Copy boot.dat to the root of the MicroSD card
  5. Insert the MicroSD card into your switch
  6. Connect the switch to your PC
  7. Launch TegraRCM Gui
  8. Install the drivers
  9. Inject the payload.bin file
  10. Have fun finally.

Where will you buy the SX OS license in USA?

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