How to run backups of Switch games with LayeredFS by SX OS V1.4?

As you know, the latest version of SX OS V1.4 has already been released a few days ago. With the launch of Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS, it is no longer complicated to play free games on Nintendo Switch. Of course, with the development of this CFW of SX OS, one can enjoy more and more functions in the future.

Indeed, on SX OS V1.3, Team Xecuter added LayeredFS support, it allows you to replace specific files of a game with modified copies that are loaded from the FAT partition (ex) of your microSD . So far, SX OS V1.4 has fixed the bug of LayeredFS for the Switch under firmware 4.1.0. Today I introduce you this new function and how to launch game bacups with LayeredFS by SX OS V1.4.

What is LayeredFS?

For Nintendo Switch players, LayeredFS is not a foreign word, maybe you can find it often on a hack forum or in some videos. At the beginning, LayeredFS was designed for the Nintendo 3DS console, but because of the same purpose, it is now focused on Nintendo Switch. Indeed, LayeredFS is a module created by @SciresM, the developer of Atmosphère, it is used for a launch of moddés games, that is to say that one exploits a game installed to launch another completely different game. Through a plug-in called LayeredFS, which allows you to replace file sets.

On the other hand, many people have started to use this technique to be able to launch other games, not just moddés games … So to launch backups! But beware however, this technique only works from a few games exploitable, many are not compatible with the launch of other games.

SX OS and LayeredFS

SX OS v1.3

Added LayeredFS support (this function will allow modding on Switch games)

For short, this allows you to create specific files to modder on games.
The community will probably come out of fashions on different games.

It will be necessary to place the files in this way:

— / sxos / titles / <titleid> / exefs /
 — / sxos / titles / <titleid> / romfs /

SX OS v1.4

LayeredFS fixes for 4.1.0.

There were some problems with LayeredFS for the Switch under firmware 4.1.0. If you are using LayeredFS on this specific firmware, there is good news for you: these issues have been identified and fixed!

How to start backups of games with LayeredFS?


  • A Nintendo Switch console, no matter which version now
  • Hekate tool
  • LayeredFS plug-in under a modified version
  • TegraRcmGUI
  • JIG
  • Fiches keys.txt (you can find it yourself on google)
  • USB cable type-C
  • PC with USB 3.0 port

Main intructions

  1. We run XCI2TitleConverter and fill in all fields
  2. Click the Start button and it will start to decrypt and modify the necessary files. When finished, the message “SUCCESS” will appear and we will get a folder in the directory specified in “OutputDirectory Path” with the title changed.
  3. Copy this folder to our SD, in the path (assuming F: \ is our SD): F: \ atmosphere \ titles \)
  4. We remove the SD and put it in the Switch.
  5. We load our CFW and check that the program starts correctly.

Warning: It is not easy for all users, especially for beginners, here is a complete tutorial for you.

Why choose the CFW from SX OS?

Xecuter SX OS is a CFW created by Team Xecuter to crack Nintendo Switch. It is a part of another product of SX Family. It allows you to play free games in .XCI form on your Nintendo Switch. With the CFW SX OS, there is not a limited region, and it is compatible with all firmware versions, including the latest version 5.1.0. Once you have successfully installed the CFW SX OS on the console, you could enjoy both free games and new Hombrew features.

The most important reason we would like to choose SX OS is its good value for money. Although it is only a software license, actually, it is such an important program as a key to the switch hack. With it, you no longer need to buy the Nintendo Switch cartridges at a high price, and you will not need anything to make the change on the Nintendo switch because it is complete with everything you need.

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