Hydron star WINCOLOR mixed blood disposable half yearly color contact lenses Coral Gray

1. The brand story of Hydron

Hydron is one of the world’s earliest contact lens manufacturing companies. It is the first to bring contact lens products and technology to China. In 1998, it was the first contact lens manufacturer to obtain international CE certification. At present, Hydron’s production base has an internationally advanced production line, and the plant area has also grown to more than 10,000 square meters.

2. Product parameter

Packing: 1pcs/box

Change cycle: half year

Water content: 38%mm

Diameter: 14.10mm

Base curve: 8.6mm

Center thickness: 0.09mm (-3.00D)

Lenses: Coral Gray

3. Product advantage

(1) BMW Technology

Cheap color contacts. The product adopts the three-dimensional coating technology of BMW 3D color molecules, and the color molecules are not directly in contact with the eyes, so they are comfortable to wear.

(2) Comfortable and healthy

The water content is 38%, and it does not compete with the eyes for excess water. It does not dry up for a long time. Comfortable and healthy.

4. Hydron star pupil mixed blood Coral Gray color contact lenses

(1) A touch of gray adorned with double eyes, is the secret weapon to create a variety of eye makeup

(2) Mysterious and flexible coral ash, suitable for any makeup style

5. Wearing instruction for first time

(1) After receive the delibery, check the cheap colored contacts without damage. Cut your nails and clean your hands with soup, try your hands with clean tissue.

(2) Hold the lenses in the right way whean wearing, as the colored contacts are very fragile, do not force it with your finger.

(3) Make sure the front and reverse side of the lens. The shape is like a bowl is front, you can wear it. If contrast, it is wrong and you should change it.

6. Correct steps of wearing and removing the color lens

(1) When you start to wear cheap coloured contacts, look at the mirror and keep your eyes look front, your index finger held the contacts and two middle fingers pull up and down the eyelid, attaching the lens to your eyeball.

(2) Adjust the position of color lens to fit your pupils with two fingers gently. Close your eyes and roll your eyes, blink naturelly, sure your eyes feel comfortable.

(3) When you want to take off the lenses, clean your hands carefully, pull your eyelids upper and lower with left index finger and right middle finger. Your eyes look up, press the eage of the lenses with right thumb gently to hunch-up, and take it out slowly.