Jerry Seinfeld: If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.
George Costanza: Yes.

In the NBA, there are few instincts worse than those possessed by Chicago Bulls ownership, the opposite would almost certainly be the Golden State Warriors.

Every NBA season has a particularly wonderful set of moments that define it as an equal number of moments that mar it in an approximate manner that leaves a great evening out. For the 2018–19 NBA season, that great evening out arrived on January 15, 2019.

A few years ago, during the 2015–16 season, there…

The 2018–19 Bundesliga season kicks off on August 24. It feels like it’s been a long time coming. Often, a World Cup summer, though drastically shorter than the normal layoff, gives a spike in both interest and excitement surrounding the upcoming club season.

Infamously, the United States Men’s National Team failed to qualify for the biggest sporting event in the world by failing to distinguish themselves from the likes of Honduras, Costa Rica, and Trinidad and Tobago. The results of the last round of World Cup qualifying via CONCACAF were a blow to the popularity of the USMNT domestically, probably…

One of the most polarizing bands in modern hardcore returns with another slab of good vibes and righteous rhythms.

At this point, trying to talk about a Turnstile album seems to turn into one of two things for most people: defending why said person likes the band or talking about how much said person really, really doesn’t like Turnstile.

Most recently, there was a confusing review by NPR that seemed completely confused about how the band would be able to bring this new sound to their live show — which is a completely bananas angle to take about this band. Another stand out was the garbage work done by Pitchfork (nothing new on that front). …

Minneapolis trio powers through metal-tinged post-rock on EP.

I generally avoid all things that are “post” something or another, but Trita may have been lurking my Spotify.

If you grilled the band members on their interests and inspirations, they’d probably give you something extremely different that what I’d come up with. That’s the fun in discovering new music, it challenges the idea of what the listener is comfortable consuming.

Trita varies their attack and that benefits both listener and artist. Capable of building a soundscape, not just sounding like a droning mess, Trita brings to mind a lot of artists that I haven’t listened to in many years…

Chicago powerviolence outfit turned metalcore masters deliver more heavy.

Truly, Harm’s Way really is the embodiment of the Darwinian principle of music — survival of the heaviest.

The fun thing about the new Harm’s Way album is self-improvement. The band has been up and down over their last couple of efforts. While 2011’s Isolation was a brutal masterpiece, their subsequent effort, the Blinded EP released by Deathwish in 2013, was flat. At least, I don’t recall ever going back to listen to it. Rust, released in 2015, stands as the bands most recent work recorded. It’s been three years.

The time off has produced one hell of an album.

An audible rift has been triggered, a new Portal is open.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had any activity around the site. It’s been quite since the calendar rolled from 2017 to 2018. Honestly, thinking about writing has been a lot easier than finding the time and focus to actually sit still and hammer out some words.

Portal has also been on a kind of hiatus. Except the gap between their releases spanned half a decade. And they were busy. While Vexovoid was the last proper release from Portal, they did record another record and put all the touches on it from a layout and design perspective, only to…

Skateboarding was my life when I was younger. I was one of just a very small handful of skateboarders in a farm community in the 1990s. You get the picture. And I sucked! I was a rubbish skater, to be certain. But I still spent endless nights skating all over town until all hours of the night, alone or with friends — I didn’t care.

Like almost everything else, skateboarding ebbs and flows. The well-documented history of skateboarding as told by the likes of Tony Hawk and other figureheads paints a world where skateboard is king, and then you can’t…

It’s been 10 years of beautiful, bass-driven precipitation in the form of “Untrue,” the landmark dub-bass-dance-step-darkwave release of the enigmatic artist, Burial.

Before I get started, it’s fair to acknowledge that there are people much more connected and talented that are giving some great takes on Burial’s masterpiece since it just turned 10 years old on November 5. Here’s how it went for me, via text conversation with one of my longstanding friends who shares my affinity for music both hard-and-loud and electronic:

Me: My brain can’t deal with this truth.
T: Yeah. There have…

The NBA offseason lasts forever. That’s’ what it feels like when you spend a lot of time watching, writing, discussing, arguing — you know, being emotionally invested — basketball. People make proclamations on their Twitter accounts, “X Days until the season!” And yeah, I’ve “liked” more than one of those this summer. For all the excitement, all the anticipation, and the more than 24,000 words of team previews I wrote in a single week, none of it could have prepared me for just how dark this day would be.

I was on the treadmill after work, watching NBA TV, listening to the 538 podcast on Steve Bannon, and planning how much time I would have after my 60 minutes of cardiovascular torture to get to the grocery store and then get home before the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics tipped off the new season.

A Shams Bomb changed everything.

This isn’t one of those old school Michael Jordan stories, where he got into it with a guy and a punch was thrown. This is some grisly nonsense where early reports make it sound like things got heated and…

When I was in college there were two courses that sounded similar when I signed up for them. They ended up not being particularly similar. Looking back, Mass Media Ethics and Mass Media Law ended up being very different animals. Somehow, both instructors were memorable — one wrote me a letter of recommendation for graduate studies and the other attempted to fail me after the final for “being one-minute tardy every day for the entire semester.” I didn’t fail that class, and I didn’t get into grad school.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make: When it comes to ethics…

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Basketball, music, and design are great. Formerly at SB Nation’s At The Hive, The Lottery Mafia, and FanSided’s Pippen Ain’t Easy. Also at

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