Adidas products are returning to the mainstream

Oct 10, 2016 · 5 min read

A collaborative article between Xijuan Wang and Callie Voiers

The market of making specialty athletic shoes for amature and pro athletes alike can be a very competitive one. Many people who are involved in sporty activities on a daily basis have strong opinions on what their shoes should feel like, look like, and how they should perform. Even when Adidas was a very young company back in the early 1900’s they were able to gain the trust of athletes, by striving to provide them with the best products on the market. In 1928 Lina Radke won a Gold medal in Amsterdam while wearing Adidas shoes, and again in 1936 Jesse Owens chose to wear Adidas when we won four gold medals in the Berlin games. Adidas is still making a commitment to athletes today to make products for them that will help any athlete perform at their highest level.

Standard Products

In general, the products provided by Adidas could be divided into three parts, shoes, apparel and accessory. Even though Adidas started out as just a shoe company, they now sell all types of athletic apparel for men, women and children. They sell products like graphic tees, sweatshirt hoodies, jerseys, running shorts, hats, bags, sunglasses, athletic balls and much more. While Adidas does sell all these items, the main focus is still shoes. Just on the Adidas website there are over one thousand different pairs of tennis shoes offered.

The brands conducted by Adidas, Inc are followings:


Adidas Athlete

Adidas x Stella mcCartney

Adidas neo

Best Sellers

The best seller shoes for Adidas include their collections called Ultra Boost, Crazy Explosive, Superstar and Stan Smith. The Stan Smith shoes are customizable which may be a factor as to why they are consistently a best selling shoe. Through the Adidas website customers are able to customize the color of the shoe, what design will go on the shoe and the placement of the design. The buyer can also choose what material the top part of the shoe is made out of and they can put their initials or any two letters they choose on the back on the shoe. Each additional option that the customer chooses will raise the price of the shoes, but no matter what they choose the price tops out at only $110, which is a bargain for customized shoes. Adidas also offers many pairs of shoes that can be worn by both men and women. Having the same shoes offered in both men’s and women’s sizes is smart, because then one product is sold to double the population. Adidas does not have to put extra time into making two separate shoes, which will save the company money.

The best seller of Adidas, grouping is like followings:

Original Series:

— Superstar

— Stan Smith

Best seller of superstar series
Best Seller of Stan Smith Series

New Series (Boost Series)

— Yeezy

Best seller series — — Yeezy

— Ultra Boost

Best Seller Series — — Ultra Boost

— Uncages

Best Seller Series — — Uncaged Boost


Best Seller Series — — NMD

In terms of the apparels, one of the most trendy must be Z.N.E Hoodie. The company utilized celebrity effect to increase their sales grandly. Lots of famous sports stars like Beckham, Harden wore the hoodie and indirectly helped the new release product advertising for the market.

Z.N.E Apparel Series

What Else?

What is Adidas “Boost” Technology?

Adidas with Continental??


An organization’s marketing mix is its own way to uniquely position and drive sales. Utilizing innovation methods of sports marketing on a scale never before seen in the industry which enabled adidas to target larger population. Besides using technology way to increase market share. The celebrity collaborations have also helped adidas greatly increase its market share. Adidas has made a lot of right moves and, if patient, can gain back some of its lost share,” Powell summed up for us, adding “but no one is a threat to Nike right now.” Both Skechers and Under Armour have made huge gains in recent years — adidas is now the third biggest footwear brand in the States after UA — but none of them can, it seems, realistically topple Nike at the top of the sportswear game.


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