Consumers or the brands? Who benefits through co-marketing?

As brands of textile markets, no matter textile brands or consumer brands, both of them are always looking for new ways to get more bang for their buck. Through co-market, textile brands and consumer brands are able to cooperate with each other, two even more companies could work on same project together, then taking charge of different parts, doing less personally but gaining more rewards. Why not doing this way? With most companies looking for innovative and fresh marketing tactics, co-marketing is emerging as a popular way to generate leads, sell more product, and strengthen partnerships.

Let’s take LYCRA® and American Eagle as an example, as everyone knows, an ingredient brand, over 90%+ of target consumers around the world are aware of it and recognize the value it brings to clothes. It has cooperated with amount of leading apparel brands adding to their franchises in ways that endorse the quality and performance of garments and support premium pricing. It is widely recognized by yarn spinners, mills, apparel brand owners and others in the supply chain as an endorsement of innovation and quality. Most female consumers should like to pursue their jeans look really fit and comfortable as well. American Eagle as a local brand has began to utilize LYCRA to meet their consumers’ requirements. Most jeans only have one direction stretch, but LYCRA uses 360° direction stretches, one across the leg, the other down the leg. LYCRA®, as manufacture brand company, they always pursue to find such kind of apparel brands like American Eagle to present their better performance of their materials. American Eagle, as retail brand, they like to find a technology company like LYCRA® to make their products much fresh and meet their customers’ taste. This kind of material give female consumers what they want and keep their shape. If you want to pursue more info, just following the link behind. (

Something looks so interesting is that American Eagle looks not directly use LYCRA to describe the names of their products, but utilizing AEO DENIM X.

After clicking into the specific item, there is a detailed info about the item and we could see LYCRA® DualFX® technology is utilized through the products. That’s normal interesting phenomenon by lots of brands product offering.

Let’s overview the textile brands and the consumer brands, they always have the same target and try to gain benefits from each other, manufacturers focus on technology part, retail brands take charge of present the technology used on items into amplification.

This reminds me a very interesting product, one of the most popular sneaker developed by Adidas, called ultra boost. The soles of the sneaker utilized the material from Continental which is used for vehicle tires. Also, this series of Adidas have become the best selling in the sneaker market.

Anyway, cooperation between brands always help brands to strength their market share, or something like outstanding achievement they pursue. But it is always inspired by consumers and consumers are always the benefit target, as they do wear or try the products created by brands.


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