No. THIS is who Apple engineers for
John C. Welch

I would just add this: I am a professional maker. If Andy thinks someone like Sady isn’t, or shouldn’t be, or can’t be a maker, or that building a tool that enables her to be a part of maker culture somehow lessens that culture, or diminishes the ability of people like him to be a part of it, then I’d invite him to take a long walk off a short pier.

Making isn’t a zero-sum game. The same week Andy spent at a conference for devotees of Apple (a conference in an alumnus of myself), I spent on the opposite coast at a conference devoted to Maker Culture, to how we make it grow and flourish in academia, how we expand its reach and deepen its applicability. And you know what? The people everyone, and I do mean *everyone*, want to reach out to look a lot more like Sady Paulson than they do Andy Inhatko.