Chapter 1

April 30 2016.

My story? Okay, lets start with my name.

My name has a meaning in three languages; Arabic, English and Persian. Arabic: Gates of Paradise. English (Irish): Little Queen/King. Persian: Wise. You might google it up and already know what it is however I will remain unknown. My name is also meant for a male unfortunately in many cultures and countries, however it is unisex in mine.

I was born on the month of December, my favorite month yet and i am living my teenage years. If it wasn't obvious so far, i am a girl, but i prefer using the term martian. Again, just because.

I live in a small country, which I love with all my heart and it is labeled under first 100 large countries in the world. Hard to believe, but trust me, there are even smaller countries out there. Im not from the West nor fully from the East, it’s somewhere in between.

I created this blog to write about my life, somewhat like a diary but for the world to see. This is another reason why i wish to keep my identity hidden, I am writing about my life not expecting any sympathy or any sort of feedback on it.

Introduction Complete.

“Welcome to my life.”
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