See the xx BetaNet Running: Check out the xx dashboard!

A realtime dashboard has been developed so that the community (and Nodes themselves) can access realtime network data. You can see, as xx BetaNet completes it’s 1st month of operation, latency of a few seconds with throughput above 1000 transactions per second. And we’re just starting to optimize for performance.

Last week the team began sharing xx BetaNet source code with Nodes and the community and by July (BetaNet launch), all 60K lines of source code will be available.

Date: May 29, 2020 | Author: xx network Team

Included are two main repositories containing network definitions, message formats, and data structures, as well as core Elixxir cryptographic libraries. This blog provides an understandable overview of the code base structure.

Also, in preparation for launch, the first 150 Nodes responsible…

All xx BetaNet source code will be available to the public by the launch of the BetaNet on July 1st.

This initial release includes two repositories: our core Elixxir Primitives libraries, which contains network definitions, message formats, and data structures, and our core Elixxir Cryptography libraries, which comprises implementations of modular arithmetic, wrapping of core cryptographic functions, and various other cryptographic implementations.

In mid June we are planning to release…

xx network

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