Pretty As You Feel
Mike Essig

Im going to share this to the father of my son. Im 37 and his new girlfriend’s 29 and thinner and taller than I am. He’s 47 and he has your first name as one of his nicknames. I don’t hate him. Some men are like that. Women,too. His arm is disfigured and he has wrinkles on his face and has aged skin….but I don’t tell him that because I just see him as a whole beautiful person even if he was mean to me.

He didn’t know that I saw the pictures of him and this other woman. He told me on the pool while Im trying to put on my goggles that I have wrinkles and that I look like an old woman. I just kept my mouth shut and went on enjoying swimming. He told me, too, that I have big arms and broad shoulders….hahahaa! I just laughed out loud inside!

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