Written 24 July, 2016.

After Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel and Gaza militant organizations struck a ceasefire. According to the International Crisis Group, the

agreement called for Israel to stop all hostilities toward Gaza from land, sea, and air, including incursions and targeting of individuals; for all Palestinian factions in Gaza to end hostilities against Israel; for opening Gaza’s crossings, facilitating the movement of people and goods and eliminating restrictions on the free movement of residents and on their use of territory within Gaza’s land and sea borders …

However, the ceasefire terms were just as fragile as any other…

Written 22 June, 2016.

As stated in International Law by Malcolm Shaw,

as far as the civilian population is concerned during hostilities, the basic rule (sometimes termed the principle of distinction) … is that the parties to the conflict must at all times distinguish between such population and combatants and between civilian and military objectives and must direct their operations only against military objectives.

Here Shaw mentions the “principle of distinction,” which I believe warrants further reading. Described as “Rule 1” by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), they provide that “state practice establishes this rule as a…

Written 26 January, 2016.

After the breakout of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, the United Nations General Assembly gathered in an emergency session. Within this session, not one country took the position that the Arab states alone “started the war.” Belief was split between Israel being the aggressor and putting all blame on it, while on the other hand the other belief was that the Arab states also shared responsibility. The U.S. ambassador refused to support a Soviet proposal that condemned Israel as the aggressor but not because it had condemned Israel. …

Written 22 December, 2015.

A common misconception with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that the “forced transfer” of the Occupying Power’s civilians is forbidden, as seen within Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. With this in mind, let us go through each of that article’s paragraphs and dissect them.


Individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of Protected Persons from Occupied Territory to the Territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country, occupied or not, are prohibited regardless of their motives.

Now, apologists for apartheid like to jump in here and…

The Legal Status of Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territories

(Written some years ago)

Within this essay, I’m going to go over the concept of apartheid and its relation to the Occupied Territories, otherwise known as Historic Palestine. In doing so, the regime of apartheid that Israel has engineered will become obvious, thus leading to some very honest questions that need to be answered.

The Oslo Accords:

Before analyzing the apartheid argument, let us first talk about Oslo. These Accords created a Palestinian Interim Self-Government Authority (i.e. the Palestinian Authority) that was to have executive, legislative, and judicial authority. …

In Defense of Ideology, Especially in Relation to Economics, Politics, and the Pursuit of an Ecological Society

Before I make myself clear, allow me to lay some background: I’m an activist who has worked with the Sunrise Movement in the past, specifically in participating within a local Global Climate Strike march as well as helping to organize numerous Fridays for Future “strikes” within the area. Even beyond that, before the pandemic, I have also assisted in organizing a citizen-based open assembly for education on what we may call the precarious situation of the environment. Thus, I write this not with scorn but rather disappointment.

What I am disappointed in is the lack of an ambition with engaging…

One need not introduce COVID-19, hence-forth “the virus,” to any readers. Really, it has become the principal trauma that the Crisis, capitalist society, has inflicted upon the world, perhaps with some irreversible consequences and damage.

What I am interested in is the production of knowledge, the manufacturing of new types of “Common Sense,” and the role of intellectuals in this affair. …

The Bolivian Crisis in Historical Perspective

In 1781, the indigenous rebel Túpac Katatri presided over an insurgency of 40,000 men and women against the Spanish authorities in La Paz, Bolivia, seeking to reestablish an indigenous control over the Andes. As they operated from the high plains of El Alto, a system of siege, regular assault, and incursion against the colonial authorities in the city proved highly effective, as residents of imperial Spain were forced to eat mules, dogs, and cats just to survive. Each day, to quote the ethnographic historian Benjamin Dangl, “Katari’s troops descended upon La Paz, barraging the…

The Rhetoric of Imperialism in Trump’s America

New Bottles: the White House has recently affirmed November as “National American History and Founders Month,” reveling in “the American experiment” that “must shine brightly out into the world.” Indeed:

… the United States will always remain steadfast in our dedication to promoting liberty and justice over the evil forces of oppression and indignity.

This “vibrant American spirit” is what “our Founders … enshrin[ed] in the heart of every American,” embodying an “antithesis of tyranny.” The rhetoric, it should be said, strikes a deeply engrained chord within the American psyche, as anyone not drunk off imperial ideology should well recognize.

Requiem for Rojava:

A Land of Smoke & Mirrors

The inferno that is converging on Rojava as this is written is only the latest tragedy that has plagued the land of smoke and mirrors. It is without hyperbole to say that this is an act of barbarism that will be recorded in all history books who seek to judge the actors of the past, of which this is only just one of the events of this brutal conflict that shall be looked upon with a confusion so sharp that the people of the future may wonder how it was allowed…


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