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By Xue Xiaodong

Claims and reach

On Oct. 15, 2020, a group of Chinese netizens known as Di Bar (帝吧), or Li Yi Bar, posted a series of photos showing Vietnamese crew members being rescued at sea on Weibo with a claim that they sailed out to the South China Sea to build “illegal islands.”

The post said the crew set off on Oct. 11 amid typhoon Linfa and the ship was swept away by the waves later that day. It gained over 100 reposts, 500 comments and 4,000 likes.

Website “eworldship” (國際船舶網) posted a similar claim, which has been reposted by news media Sohu (搜狐) and search engine Baidu (百度). Other websites such as Daily Headlines (每日頭條), Sina (新浪), NetEase (網易) and Big Fish News (大魚新聞) also posted similar claims. …

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By Huang Xitian and Xue Xiaodong

On Oct. 10, a video showing children being taught about public transportation etiquette was posted on Twitter with a caption that reads “Education in Japan.”

The video shows a simulation of common courtesy in public transport, where people, including children, give their seats to pregnant women and the elderly.

It has been viewed 1.5 million times with 7,300 retweets and 19,000 likes before it was deleted. The same video with a similar caption has also been shared widely on Twitter through another account.

Users’ comments to the post suggest many of them believe it shows Japanese education and commended Japanese culture. …

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[English version of this story is available here]

記者 Huang Xitian Xue Xiaodong

Facebook上一段短片顯示,一枚火箭發射失敗,升空數秒後墜地爆炸起火。該帖文標題語帶諷刺地指「中國火箭 世界第一」。


然而該Facebook短片的配文具有誤導性。當中的火箭實際上是由一家日本初創公司星際科技(Interstellar Technology Inc.)研發製造。

這枚名為「MOMO-2」的火箭2018年6月30日在北海道發射失敗並爆炸,事件成為日本的頭條新聞。Annie Lab將Facebook短片與日本《朝日新聞》的片段對比,兩段影片中的發射地點和爆炸情況完全相同。

Aurora Xue

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