Drivers Unite for better treatment!

Dear Passengers:
I am calling on users of the Ride Share app Uber to please support your local Uber drivers in your city. Many of the drivers who come pick you up late at night when you have had to much to drink are being #WageAbuse and #Apploitation via rate cuts in many markets. Just recently many markets were dropped down to 65 cents per mile, yes you read that right 65 cents per mile. Taxi’s back in the 80s were making more than that per mile. The worst city to get hit was Detroit Michigan where they dropped them to 30 cents per mile. Yes you read that right… 30 CENTS PER MILE. They did increase the per minute to 30 cents as well, but still drivers are not making the same amount of money that they use too. With this type of rate cuts you can expect a lower quality of rides from Uber as drivers are unhappy about how much they are being hit for. Many drivers won’t even say it because they are afraid of being deactivated for speaking out against Uber.. yes that is right we as Independent Contractors are worried to address our concerns due to the fact they can easily deactivate us. I am sure all passengers want a good, safe ride. Access to a charger, AUX Cord and maybe even some mints and gum. But with these rate cuts you can easily see these things go away from the trips. Along with helping people load and unload groceries which many of us have done in the past.
We are suppose to be Independent Contractors however we only have the ability to control what time and where we work. Everything else is controlled by Uber. We never have had a voice on our rates, and Uber has declined for years to add a Tip option in the app like Lyft has. They create a rating system which many would think that a 4 is still a good rating but in fact we get suspended if we fall under 4.60 and have to pay money to be able to start driving again.
If you are a rider and not a driver be sure to either use Lyft and tip your driver (specially if the trip is short), if you use Uber you should also tip your driver as well. Some people think that a tip is included when in fact it is not. (Only on UberTaxi which is only available in select cities) Uber has cut our rates in over 100 cities extremely low now.
We need the support of the people who use these ride share services to understand how the drivers are taking huge loses and Uber raises their “Safe Ride Fee” so that they make more money per ride. This is money that us drivers do not even see. Uber claims that by cutting the rates that we will receive more trips but this has not happened either, but for many of us to come close to making what we use to make we have to drive more hours. Driving more hours means more wear and tear on our vehicles which all the expense is fully pushed on us. Everything from Gas, New tires, Tune Ups, Oil changes and much more. I myself as a Uber driver bought a 2009 Toyota Prius to be able to drive for Uber since I would get 50MPG. I bought this car around 6 months ago and I have put over 30k miles on it now. The normal mileage that is considered on a vehicle is around 12–15k miles a year. But by the time I will have owned this car for 1 year I will have put over 60k miles on it. If anything happens to the vehicle I have to cover all the expense to get it repaired and than I am out of work being able to even drive to pay for the repairs needed.
These rate cuts also mean that you as passengers will receive lower quality of rides. When Uber started years ago they proclaimed drivers could make $40 an hour or more. Does $40 an hour sound like a part time job to you? Of course not! Many people even quit their full time job they had to drive for Uber full time. But now due to rate cuts they are hurting extremely more. Many have had to quit because they could not afford to keep doing it. What is even worse is that some drivers took out leases from Uber when they were making good money but now that they are making much less they are unable to pay for that lease car and will loose it. This than harms the persons credit, and leaves them with no car and many people will be unable to even find a normal job after this since they have no access to a car to get to work.
Uber is still extremely cheaper than a taxi and these rate cuts have made it even more cheaper but they have increased Uber’s Safe Rider Fee, which Uber gets and not us drivers.
For our protest even you as a passenger can help out by making your voice be heard. Please create a Twitter account and Facebook account if you do not have one. Be sure to use hashtags like #NotCoolUber and #ISupportUberDrivers to make your voice heard that the passengers do want better treatment of drivers! Request Uber to add a Tip option like Lyft has had in their app. Inform local Uber twitter state accounts that you will not be using their service if Lyft is available until they start addressing the treatment of drivers. Many of us love doing this type of gig but sadly we see it being taken advantage of by a company that is now valued at over 60 billion dollars. We need your support most of all!!!

Dear Drivers:

We have been hurting for a long time now with rate cut after rate cut. We have in the past tried to push movements to get attention for better treatment for drivers but many drivers were still making decent money in many markets. However now with the recent rate cuts that has effected over 100 markets many of those who were on the sidelines are ready to come off the fence and join us.
I have always said a strike will never work against a company that based it’s workers off 1099 status, however protesting can have a major impact! We can do protesting but we need to do it right and be civil on how we go about this I do not support any tactics like leaving the app on and accepting a ping but not picking up the passenger or false requesting drivers from side phones. This is not something we should do when protesting the treatment of drivers and our rate cuts. We need to have both drivers and riders on our side.
I am calling for all Uber Drivers to help protest via social media (Twitter and Facebook) and use the hashtags ‪#‎Uberoff‬ & #‎NotCoolUber‬. There are other hashtags you can use to help support your local Uber and Lyft drivers. You can also use #LyftOn to show support that you will be using Uber’s main competitor till they start giving us better treatment. This is also a perfect time for Lyft or another ride share company to come out in favor and support of drivers!
We also need to gain more support in local Uber Facebook groups in organizing many drivers to help protest in person. I will be editing from time to time on other protest that are going on.
Many drivers in Tampa, FL are planning on protesting on Thursday the 14th, starting around 4:30pm EST.
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Drivers in Houston, TX protested on the 12th
This protest is going to be a peaceful and civil protest. As I said above no harmful tactics should be used what so ever. Currently there may be anywhere from 50 to 70 drivers showing up. If this protest is a success and gains more media attention than it may help get more drivers to start planning the same protest in other markets. Some of the best places to protest other than Uber’s HQ in San Francisco are in markets where Uber has a office at. If there is no office in a market than an area that will allow many drivers to gather and gain media attention. Again I am calling for a peaceful and civil protest since we need to get the support of passengers who also use the app on our side along with positive media attention in the news. This will make our voice louder and can help cause Uber to think about how they are treating us drivers.
It also looks like Uber is trying to push out the older drivers who are locked in at the 20% rate that Uber takes out of our fares and move us to the new 25%. Of course in the future Uber may even change it to 30% or higher.
I would like to remind people who are wanting change to happen, that we do have a group where we are working on getting changes done.
Go join up and in due time we can build a way to be more active in protest via social media (Twitter and Facebook) and protesting like what Tampa is doing tomorrow, and also protesting in front of Uber offices in many markets.
We do not support a strike, nor do we support any tactics that are harmful to our cause like false requesting or accepting pings and then not driving to the passengers.
Also try and share it in your local Uber groups on Facebook but PLEASE ask permission in your local Uber groups to post a link to this group below, and if you wish to copy and paste what is said above your more than welcome to.

Please follow me on Twitter at and be sure to re-tweet and like my tweets regarding Uber!

Thank You all!

  • Seth