I Wished There Were Gods

My thought on why I really would have loved if there were really something like a God as described in the holy books (not the Christianity or Islam holy books, those are really self-centered books)

I live in a country where there are more temples than the number schools and hospitals added together. That shows the belief on “God” in my country, well yes, people can’t imagine their lives without that omni-present being they call Shiv, Vishnu or Brahma (or the other 330 million Gods, each for their own role in running the Universe)

Being an atheist, most people think I am a hater of such “God” who has a negative attitude towards religion and the culture, but no, I am just another human being trying to differentiate fiction from fact.

It’s not that I hate the idea of God, but I simply don’t want to believe it, why would I? Just because majority of people believes there exist a God in the sky who looks over us and all he cares is humans?

But today I am not going to talk about that. I wished Gods were real, but not as described in the Islamic or Christianity holy books, because, I think they are really just “religion centered”. Hinduism which I don’t believe to be religion, really, Hinduism wasn't a religion at all, was converted into one after the establishment of those new religions.

So I have no problem with following the things written in Bhagvad Gita, Veda, or the Mahabharata, because they don’t teach you to worship some God, they are great example of literature work, and teaches moral science.

Anyways, if every fictional things in those ancient stories of mythological deities were true then it would have been really fun living in this World — and maybe that’s the reason people tend to believe in them blindly.

Truth will always remain true.

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