Thought on Consciousness And Its Meaning

I was about to fall asleep when a wild though woke me up. Though I was about to sleep I usually think about some strange and quite hilarious things and that is how it led to this article.

On my bed, it is 12:59AM, I am about to fell asleep when a tick starts crawling on my foot, I pick it up and threw it on the ground, the very next thought was: “Isn’t it amazing, even if they fall from such great heights (relatively) they don’t die like us humans or any big animals.. why” — Nope the answer isn’t anything related to them being with supernatural abilities, it is just that the gravity for the tiny insects is relatively a lot less than for us gigantic creatures.

This is where Consciousness comes in

Till now it was just about insects, gravity and why don’t they die if fallen from heights but the next thing to strike my mind was: “What if I was a tick and would’ve been thrown in that way”, it was a small thought, maybe everyone of us have had such thought or wondered how is it to be another creature, especially the tiny ones, but I as being I, thought if I can be I then why that Tick can’t be I ?

Well to put the last statement straight I mean, I am a human and I know what’s going on around me, I have a nice knowledge of what we are and what these little creatures are, but it would be extremely selfish to think that only we Humans have the kind of the consciousness we think we have, now I am not even sure what’s that, but that’s something we all know inside us, that you are you and the World you see can only be seen from your eyes.

Consciousness is a complicated topic

Yes it surely is, but complicated topics are what I love. No valid answers can be put to tell what exactly consciousness is, but it is what we use to learn about it.

Continuing with my deep thought about being a tick or an insect, I then though of a grasshopper, what a beautiful little noisy creature. “Why I am a human if I could’ve been a grasshopper” I though, it’s not that I am desperate to be one but talking about the possibilities, among million of species I see myself from the species that rules the Earth (at least for now, to make “us” feel proud)

Why I am a Human?

For one reason: I am a human. Also why is it that I am a human and not some other animal. I was able to answer it long before, but just never got the chance to write it — There’s no meaning in asking about the consequences of something that never happened.

Also I know that if I was a grasshopper my life would’ve been so small and my brain so less powerful than a human that I would’ve not been able to think about anything in the way I am doing right now and expressing it to other fellow human beings. I would’ve just born from the dust and in a very little time be again in the dust.

Re-incarnation does have a link with consciousness

Re-incarnation is another topic, but that thought mostly to be mythological and no scientific base but my common sense says re-incarnation has a possibility and the possibility is high.

Now that we’re on the topic: Re-incarnation isn’t exactly the same believers think. Many believes in afterlife, a person born again as a human baby, this idea is actually what makes the scientist allergic to the subject of re-incarnation or afterlife.

A thought experiment

To understand it we have to do a though-experiment. Everyone of us has what is needed to perform this experiment, it is a conciousness: Now think about yourself.. and imagine yourself going away from your body and transforming yourself into the body of an ant.

This doesn’t prove much, but it is enough for us to understand that consciousness is not something solid, though memories and information can be in solid form stored in your brain but consciousness in itself is very different and a mysterious thing.

So even if something like re-incarnation happens and you happen to be born with as an ant in your next life that doesn’t mean you can regain your memories of the past life, as it was in a solid form in your brain.. which is now lying dead somewhere in this space.

That’s not a solid proof, but that’s the most basic explanation and I would like to also state that it is not only me which thinks the same, but ancient Indian Text Bhagvad Gita also says something similar about re-incarnation and also before anybody would point it to be a just another religion-bases stuff I would tell them no, it’s not, it was long before any religion and also those were written by some very knowledgeable people of the time, though they didn’t have enough scientific knowledge or resources to carry out their experiments they had a fair idea of their surroundings and questions like this.