When A Tweet Made A Girl Popular for a day

Trends come and go on the internet, but one trend stays all the same, the trend of the trend. This story is another one of them when the social media all gathered to talk about one thing.

Muhammad Ali, a legendary boxer passed away recently and people mourned his death on different mediums, Internet being one of them. The hashtag for M. Ali was on top of the trends on Twitter and it was obvious, he is and will be loved by millions for the champion he was.

Though things were going south in India, soon the name Anadita_Patel was on the list of trends in India, but why? She made a mistake, not a big one, though at this moment it proved to be a big deal; She tweeted this:

No, he was not a footballer! It’s already too late, things have gone out of control, screenshots are on thousands of people’s devices.

There’s a storm of people making fun of and defending the Twitter user Anadita Patel. There are all kinds of people, with light jokes and those with harsh comments on the ignorance demonstrated.

As our Indian media channels has nothing better nowadays than to show the secrets of religious places, it served as boon, a bandwagon, something that is already widespread, now just take it to the next level and let every other Ramesh and Rajesh know about it:

Talk of the town? Everyone talking about the ignorance of a random person from the crowd of millions. Wow, internet indeed is very powerful.

When we though everything was getting under control in India, the Kerala sport minister spoke on the death of Muhammad Ali and said :

“..he won many gold medals for Kerala”.

Oh. I am short of words.

The clouds of this joke would clear very soon, as it always have, for then Anadita Patel has to stay off the Internet. And if Anadita Patel is reading this, I want to say this to her:

I wrote this story not to make fun of you as people are, even the news channels. You made a mistake, that’s no big deal, all those people, including me talking about you doesn’t know a lot of things and about a lot of popular people, so that’s no shame. I posted a few jokes on Twitter on your topic, but please take it lightly, those were some light jokes, nothing serious, though I condemn the jokes that make serious notes and could hurt someone.


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