Through the gate | Nuremberg, Germany | June 2015

The Uniqueness Without Color

An open-ended black-and-white photo album

What happens when you strip all colors off a photo? Is it boring? Is it depressing? Is it lifeless?

True, everything is indeed colorless. No more pink flowers, blue sky, or bright red lips. All you see is either black, white, or any shade of grey that lies somewhere in between. It could be somewhat boring, I guess, if color were the only thing that makes things interesting to you.

But no, there is so much more to the world than just colors. All the little details — shapes, textures, motions, defects… even colors —from different items interact in almost mysterious ways and, with the help of “time”, create their unique moment.

Wind vs. Windless | Antwerp, Belgium | June, 2015

Each picture is my take on these little details. I hope you will enjoy with me the exploration of this wonderful world, in black and white.

Sometimes, the uniqueness is revealed only after the colors are removed.

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All photos by me, Xiaoyue Xie

This is not a religious revelation. | Nuremberg, Germany | June 2015