Big Easy | The Most Famous American Seafood Resaurant in London

Big Easy is an American dinning with a history of over two decades. Paul, the owner of the Big Easy, inspired by an American restaurant named Crab Shack & Bar.B.Q, located in the Mexican Bay in 19 century.

He opened the very first Big Easy at Chelsea in London. The restaurant has been very popular in the UK in these years.

Big Easy has three branches in London, located in Chelsea, Covent Garden(opened in 2014) and Canary Wharf(opened in 2015) separately.

Today I am going to talk about the one that is located in Covent Garden.

After the second Big Easy opened in February last year, within a couple of months, it has became super popular just like the original one.

The new B.E has been decorated more trendy and stylish.

When you step in the restaurant, it follows a comparatively long walkway; it feels like you bumping in to some sort of factory: the concrete beam and metal pipe exposed on the ceiling, the wall covered by graffiti as well as the mottled iron vantage lampshade; all together to create nostalgic and cosy atmosphere.

Last night, me and my friends come to B.E again.

And our dinner start with cocktail: strawberry Daiquiri and Margarita. I personally prefer the former one; sweet and a bit sour with a sense of fresh strawberry. It is a good choice for the lady.

Waiters will thoughtfully provide you a plastic pinafore before serving which is like what they do in Burger & Lobster (an other great restaurant in London), except the big meaty crab painting on it.

There are many dishes I wish to try, so, in order to make this part easier, I just ordered a Grand Appetizer Platter For Two as the starter. I was shocked by the size of the dish when it was severed.

If you are a girl that don’t eat much, it would be just enough. The platter including 5 types of food: smoked BBQ chicken, Voodoo Chicken wings (bit sour), fried king prawn, fried small squid and Hush Puppies (traditional American snacks, made by corn flour in a ball shape and then go deep fries, taste sweet and delicious).

Beside these, there all serves some vegie leafs and celery strips to make it healthier, and four dips (one creamy, one sweet and sour and the rest are just normal dips which tastes better).

My friend ordered crab leg as the starter, which look quite good, also worth to try.

As main course, we ordered Lobster Bake and 750g Bone-In Rib-Eye.

The lobster is similar to the seafood pot I used to have in a Italian village, it has been noted on the menu that this dish cooked in a special oven that burns charcoal. It include half lobster, 2 crab legs, mussels and small baked potatoes.

Moreover, there are 2 options of the flavor, spicy and garlic white wine. I chose the spicy one. Is just a little spicy with a taste of tomato and ginger, so far I can tell. The lobster is juicy and meaty, besides, nothing special. F.Y.I, dry mussels!

The 750g Bone-In Rib-Eye looks great as well, the surface was a little burnt, but inside is still pink, you need to pay 2 pounds for the extra sauce, because the beef is plain and with no flavor.

We also ordered mushrooms as sides, quite a lot but no amazing taste. In my opinion, I would prefer the seafood.

I would recommend the Big Easy special meal — Lobster Fest, although I did not order one this time. This meal has a good price, including a whole lobster (or lobster roll for an alternative option), chips, salad and a drink (cocktail or beer). Just for 20 pounds! Isn’t it a great value?!

For the dessert, I choose the ice cream, there are not so much choice in dessert menu (includes cheese cake, ice cream, cherry pie, ect,).

To sum up, the atmosphere of Big Easy is quite good, there might also be a small band doing the live show (might be too much for me). It is great for friends to catch up.

The waiters dressed in strip shirt and jeans with an enthusiastic service, you could really get the American feelings. Food is good, at least the seafood is great, especially the lobster. There are a lot of choice for the drinks in the bar.

So, just call a couple of friends and meet up here, enjoy the food and the music. What a fantastic thing to do!