Asking Directions

Thoughts on feeling overwhelmed

This is how tiny our world is. This is the “Pale Blue Dot” as Carl Sagan described it. Tiny and precious. By NASA — Public Domain.

So many things are happening around us. It feels overwhelming. The tragedies, events, and debates are raging around us from far, far away — accessible only through a broadband connection. They are happening in our towns, cities, and suburbs. They are happening in our streets, on our blocks, in our shopping centers, our houses of worship, and our nightclubs. They are even happening inside our homes, our cars, and even in our bathrooms.

In response, we are experiencing a deluge of hatred, fear, pain, division and loss.

This ceaseless rhetorical posturing is having devastating consequences. This fear can be based on such arbitrary factors as the color of our eyes and skin, physical status of what is between our legs, the place we were born, the place we live, the clothes we wear and what we might believe or stand for. These are our fears of the “other.”

We are getting hurt. We are dying.

I am lost. We are lost. With each angry word, with every point of the finger, and with every pull of the trigger, I feel even more lost.

We need to stop and ask for directions. We need each other so badly right now. We need to love, cherish, appreciate, and embrace. We need to learn more about ourselves and grow. We need to organize in our neighborhoods. We need to stand for what is right. We need to stand up for what is humane.

The remedy to division is not more division. The remedy to fear is not more fear. We need to stop drifting through the world. We need to not be afraid to ask for help from one another.

We need to stop, listen, and thoughtfully plot our own course.