Chelsea Manning
Feb 13, 2017 · 2 min read

We must not fear ourselves. We all want the same things.

Throughout our history, humanity has strived to be better. We have strived to be more free. To be more open, and to be more fair.

Suddenly, we are afraid of our own shadows. We are threatened by invisible enemies. Now, we fear reflections of ourselves. We see hidden demons that are everywhere. Inside and out.

This assault on our identity — this battle with our virtues of liberty and justice, on truth and openness, and on diversity and fairness — did not come out of a vacuum. This was created by a small and powerful group of demagogues. They take the low road. The low hanging fruit. Targeting those of us who are different.

In times of desperation and uncertainty, it is easy to forget that we all yearn for the same things — a good job, and a happy and healthy home. We are not stupid. We are not naive.We want to know that tomorrow will be a good day. We want to know that we have enough food and money to survive.

We cannot fear our own shadow. We want to know that no matter what life throws at us, we will be free and open again.

Chelsea Manning

Written by

Grand Jury Resister. Network Security Expert. Fmr. Intel Analyst. Trans Woman. #WeGotThis

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