XYO Bridges pushes the data your XYO Sentinels collect to Archivists. You can think of it as a bridge between your verified location data and the large pool of data that Archivists store! The data is stored until a Diviner asks a question, and will check with the Archivists to see if any data matches their needs. If the locations that your Sentinel recorded help answer the Diviner’s question, then you’re in luck! You’ll get paid in XYO Tokens.

Ultimately, an XYO Bridge is what connects your unique locations to the greater XYO Network. Without a bridge, you could still collect relative location data with Bluetooth XYO Sentinels. You could verify that Sentinel A was five feet from Sentinel B with Bluetooth. But without an XYO Bridge, there’s no way to record this data to the XYO Network. It would be like writing an essay, and then accidentally closing the window before you’ve saved!

There are some use cases where this may be beneficial, such as a person who may want to make a verified offline map, and then just throw it away when an event is over. However, for most cases, you’ll want your locations to be saved to the XYO Network (especially if you ever want to earn XYO Tokens!)

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