I want to quit social media

Maybe a month ago, I would never even think of doing anything like this.

Well I’m not a good writer, specially in English. English is not my native language. So sorry for my bad English.

I just thought that I’d collect the scattered logical reasons that made me come to this decision. I’ll be only writing about getting over my Facebook addiction.

One simple reason.

It’s not social media or social networking technology, it’s entertainment technology.

So you’ve been told it’s a network for meeting your friends and staying in touch with them.WRONG. Facebook is not a product you use, you are the product Facebook uses.

I was addicted to Facebook.I opened the app for like 50/60 times a day. Doing what?

Liking meaningless statuses & photos my friends posted, watching them sharing their daily activities like watching/listening to blah blah blah.What good does it do to any person?


Facebook brings depression.Everybody has the perfect life ever.Everything is so organized,so blissfully perfect you’d get depressed and it may lower your self-esteem.This wasn’t a big case for me,but many people have faced this.

Okay I actually can’t remember the reasons that made me quit. Moreover,I want to forget them. I’m free, I’m happy. Why bother?

So did I delete my accounts permanently and leave online platforms for good?


But I’m trying to do so. Social platforms have affected third-world countries like Bangladesh so much, it’s quite impossible to live without those. I need Facebook occasionally for academic study purposes.

  • Uninstall the apps.
  • Tweak your privacy settings.
  • Don’t check the feeds. Twice-a-day is enough.
  • Mute all those worthless group chats.
  • Open your eyes and see the world. Be social as you were meant to be, as you were made to be.