BATTLE HORDES — press kit

The brand-new free-to-play MMO for iOS

Short App Description

Battle Hordes is a free to play strategy MMO for iOS with impressive graphics and a diversified combat and alliance system. The huge city, the strategical map as well as the thrilling PvP and PvE fights are completely animated in 3D. Once a player wins a fight against an opponent, he takes over the defeated player’s position on the map. This results in world-wide battles breaking out for rare resources and rising bonuses in the middle of the map. In this conflict, multicultural armies of different tribes like orcs, dwarves, humans and more face each other. Strategy and team-play are the key to success in Battle Hordes.

Release Information

Developer & Publisher: Xyrality GmbH

Release Platform: iOS

Release Date: 30.08.2017

Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5 / iPad 4 or newer and iOS 9 or higher

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Press Releases

20.03.2017 — Closed Beta Preregistration

19.04.2017 — Closed Beta Start

30.08.2017 — Global Launch

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Store Description

Battle Hordes is an epic strategy MMO that gives you the command of a rising fantasy empire. You battle your way through the map in thrilling PvP fights, exchanging places with the opponents that you defeat.

Command and upgrade a multicultural army with the finest soldiers of orcs, elves, humans and other races. Expand your castle, conquer rich resource provinces and join a strong alliance.

Together you can make it to the center of the map and control the world!


- FIGHT FOR THE BEST POSITION: take over the position of others players by defeating them in combat
- EPIC BATTLES: watch your glorious army fight epic battles completely animated in 3D
- SIX RACES: recruit your soldiers of 6 different tribes, each with its own strengths
- JOIN AN ALLIANCE: create or join an alliance of like-minded players and take advantage of the strong alliance bonuses
- SECURE YOUR INCOME: conquer resource provinces and obelisks to enlarge your income and power
- CREATE YOUR ARMY: design and improve an army that fits to your play style
- UPGRADE YOUR CASTLE: evolve your castle according to your own strategy
- INDEPENDENT MONSTERS: hunt terrifying monsters to get precious rewards
- BEAUTIFUL FANTASY WORLD: enjoy a whole fantasy world in real-time 3D, including your rising castle, the fantasy map and the epic battles

Play Battle Hordes now for free and and start your journey to the center of the map! Together with your alliance you can reach the center of power and rule over the world!

Battle Hordes requires an active internet connection.

Press Contact

Andreas Köster
Friedensallee 290
22763 Hamburg