If Progressives Don’t Wake Up To How Awful Obama Was, Their Movement Will Fail
Caitlin Johnstone

Wow! What a hell of an article, now THAT!!! Is what I call a damn good fucking journalism. How do I know it to be an excellent piece? Because you pissed someone off lol. Naturally. I read what some of your haters wrote. It’s laughable. Your piece was superb, and Ill enjoy reading it at least several more times to do research. Writing about a presidency like BO’S (my favorite nickname for that asshole)can be endless, which is what some of these idiots here probably forget, that’s the problem with some of these morons, “how easily they forget” I was reading that other idiots(there are so many) twitter remark “Stay out of BO’S pockets.” Sure we will, and we’ll also remind you that while Chicago continues to burn down into the ground (BO’S home town by the way) the Obama’s could give (2)shit’s for real. And decided to send the Palestinians 200 million instead of helping Flint MI shit water, or some of the inner cities in Chicago. BO is sticking to his agenda. And he’s still in the picture, lets remember that. He never cared for real change,like you mentioned. It’s almost sad for the progressives.(almost) I also hated the Bush years. ugh. I felt dead regarding elections, until now. A fuse inside me went off, everything lit me up,… every fiber of my body in motion, its almost scary. I can only pray this President doesn’t slip into that neocon scenario you mentioned. I can feel the weight of POTUS’S pressure. It’s heavy. And as Mark Dice once said “Even if we did fall into a depth of Nuclear bomb hell, and we all died as a result of it, it would still be better then having a Hillary Presidency” loll I’m wide awake. I am excited over this new world shift, and I will constantly remind people to never forget the BO years. And to stay the FUCK AWAY from anything that resembles him again.

Your new fan

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