Old Theory beats new Theory

When I say Theory, I mean strategy on how people approach life. On the internet there is a plethora of information on how to live your life. Most of it is new strategy. The problem with this is that new strategy hasn't been tried enough times to be backed up by experience of others. It’s normally, some person reasoning about life and what they think should work or what worked with a data point of one. I don’t think this is strong enough evidence to run your life on. We all know some things are suppose to work in theory but they don’t in real life, simply because there are too much variables. My suggestion instead of trying new theories about how to approach life, go for older ones cemented in proverbs. What I have found that different cultures have the same proverbs about how to approach life, but expressed with different words. You know these Old theories are useful because they have stood the test of time, so much so that they have been passed on for the majority of history through word of mouth.

So, it is my birthday. I am going to highlight some useful proverbs that served me well:

1. Antigua Proverbs : One, One full basket. Chinese Proverbs: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step If you want to achieve great things, focus on making small consistent steps towards those goals.

2. General Proverbs : Birds of a feather flock together Antigua Proverbs: Lie down with dog, get up with fleas. Jewish Proverbs : Walk with the wise and ye shall be wise. All cultures have made this connection. The person someone hangs around affects their life trajectory.

3. Jewish Proverbs : See a man diligent in his work he shall not stand before mean men, but before Kings.


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