The Cost of My Weekly Commute
Jonathan Blumberg

Greyhound is absolute hell and I don’t get it. Megabus is fine and cheap and usually reliable. I enjoy Bolt too but I frequently travel to western MA from NYC to visit my boyfriend and neither bolt nor megabus go there. And, really, most of the time Amtrak (which is, itself, often unreliable) is only a few bucks cheaper than my greyhound ticket to the same city. So it’s the battle of unreliable vs. unreliable; expensive (because even a $25- $40 ticket becomes expensive when the company starts outright wasting my time/energy/patience); and totally gross and uncomfortable (greyhound) vs. actually comfortable even though the scheduled trains don’t run as frequently as greyhounds buses are schedule to (Amtrak). Amtrak wins if my schedule lines up correctly. And other times I suck it up and do greyhound. I’ve also been known to- out of desperation- take megabus or even metronorth to a really inconvenient yet closer to Western MA city and gotten off with expectation that my boyfriend will drive 30–60 mins to pick me up JUST so I could avoid greyhound. I hate greyhound so much. And port authority!

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