Paying for Other People’s Life Choices
Rosie Spinks

I think “paying for other people’s life choices” is such a sad, stingy thing to say. Surely we can all agree that life is more than money. Marriages and weddings (even coming from me who’s really not into the marriage thing) are a couple of those things that you shouldn’t look at and think “damn you for making me pay to celebrate your life choice!” Secondly, you don’t HAVE to pay for or go to any of these weddings or wedding affiliated things. I mean seriously. Yes, it would “mean a lot” (which is self- important at best) to the bride and her family but I think everyone would’ve been okay in the end without your presence — without any of our presence at any of these wedding and wedding associated affairs. Third, why can’t we all be adults and acknowledge that just because someone else’s life choice is publicly celebrated doesn’t mean that ours has to be celebrated also. We aren’t children arguing over allowance or bedtimes. This isn’t how the world works. You don’t have to be acknowledged or be given gifts for being single just because someone who is getting married or buying a home gets a gift. Fourth, I’m so over these articles complaining about spending money on others — aren’t your relationships more important than these one time costs? If you’re spending your rent or more than your rent on plane tickets — that’s a different, personal issue that needs addressing. If paying for these things means you won’t eat or have electricity for a month then don’t participate — it’s irresponsible and immature. But to be so curmudgeonly about being happy and supportive of the people who love and support and celebrate you (in non- wedding ways) is a pretty messed up way to look at and live your life.

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