Apple’s apocalypse is a world without app competition

Hipsters getting lost without using map apps. It’s 2017, who can blame them 🤷‍♂️

APPOCALYPSE. A fun intro to WWDC17.

Now you have an idea of what the direction is in the keynote this year. Apps. Everything that Apple announced evolves around it.

“Apps are not new!” You might complaint.

Banner photo for the event this year

It has been a week since the amazing keynote. The keynote was so densely packed with awesome products and APIs that I was so hyped for the entire event, even though it’s like 2am here in Hong Kong (when I should be tired as f).

AR on Mac & iOS, revolutionary iOS 11, Homepod, and so much more. Together they laid a great foundation for whatever Apple will introduce in the next few years (Apple glasses?). Since last week, I have been gathering my thoughts on the keynote and how Apple could further enhance its products/services, especially Siri. …

image from Apple (

Lots of great stuffs from WWDC this year. Very excited about the direction Apple is going. While I can talk about it all day long, I would like to share my analysis with you on one particular part of iOS — the lock screen.

Lock Screen is Redundant (before iOS 10)

Here’s the UX of unlocking phone for 99% of the time:

  1. Press the home button to wake up the phone 📲 (base on my observation, more people use the home button, rather than the lock button to wake up the phone)
  2. TouchID recognizes your finger and unlocks the phone 🔓
  3. You arrive the home screen! 🌟

Raz C

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