When Technology Is The New Black

XZEN geometrical design will perfectly fit in a pocket and hands.

In our Medium blog we have already spoken about the changes that XZEN can bring to the cryptocurrency storage market as well as to the market of cryptocurrency user experience. Nevertheless, for us blockchain is the new oil — the invisible technology that changes the world. We have already told you earlier why it is important for us to make our product a mass-consumption one. This weekend let’s have a look how blockchain changed the cultural scene and why it is also crucial for us.

Just remember that a few weeks ago DADA, NYC, a collaborative platform for artists, announced the launch of the first digital art marketplace using blockchain technology. Their blockchain project started with the collection which could be purchased for Ethers only, and each work was assigned to one of five levels of scarcity, ranging from common to extremely rare drawings.

The ability to purchase digital artwork with Ethereum might seem like a hype thing at first, but this case can result in evolution of the digital art world. Until now, digital art has been valued differently from regular old fashioned “physical” art where it was impossible to defend authenticity and fully credit artists.

The market leaders are proving that. According to the Deloitte Art and Finance Report of 2017, blockchain can revolutionize the art industry, whereas their proof of concept ArtTracktive provides a distributed ledger for tracking the provenance and whereabouts of fine artworks. The blockchain-based application manages the interactions between all parties involved, from the artist or the owner of the piece of art, via freight forwarders, customs, art galleries, museums and all the way to potential buyers.

On the other side (a consumer one), we have also seen how blockchain influences another popular aspect of life such as gaming and AR/VR. For example, Voxules, a start-up that was co-founded by Halsey Minor, serial entrepreneur, who also started CNET and Salesforce.com, developed a single multiplayer VR game that takes place in a 3D environment. Gamers can hold their 3D-assets on marketplace called Voxels and convert them into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether on the Uphold platform. The digital token unit, earned by uploading content and selling it on the marketplace, can even be used to buy equity stake in a real life Voxules.

All kinds of such cases show how deep blockchain and crypto assets have come in our life for the last 2–3 years. But all these initiatives still need a useful and good-looking instrument to work. And this is one more reason why XZEN team started this project.

All blockchain initiatives still need a useful and good-looking instrument.

The world’s first secure crypto wallet, developed by our team, supports highly liquid crypto currencies (for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin), smart assets (ERC20 standard), and also capable of storing any kind of fiat currencies in a single device, to be made of high-quality stainless steel and tempered glass. Its geometrical design will perfectly fit in a pocket and hands. We also kept in mind construction design and equipped our cryptocurrency wallet with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor and triple encryption of decentralized storage of data, thus enabling secure transactions and storage of financial assets. The gadget will also have IP67-standard ingress protection, a high-contrast LCD display with 960x640 resolution, and an integrated 1100 mAh battery with a standby time of up to two weeks. As you know we have also added an NFC-chip and a fingerprint scanner to make our device the most functional one for the end users.

Currently we are at the end of our presale stage. Don’t miss the chance to join us at XZEN.io today with the super discount! You can also support us by investing $1,000, thus getting your XZEN Wallet for free!