A Day In A Vegan’s Life

We all have different beliefs, whether they are about religion, politics, or even the food that we put in our bodies. Veganism has been a popular topic in our society because people argue about what is the healthiest. So what what is vegan? Many people think vegan and vegetarian are the same. Although they have their similarities, they are quite different. A vegan lifestyle is a plant based diet with no comsumption of animal produce whereas being vegetarian means no eating meat but allows animal products such as milk, yogurt, etc. I did not know what veganism was until my sophomore year of high school when my supervisor told me she was vegan. After she told me, I remember my response was, you’re vegetarian? She laughed. She corrected me by telling me the difference between vegan and vegetarian. It has come to my attention that there are people who do not eat any animal products are are fine without them. I was not aware of that because of the environment I grew up in. I come from an Asian family which means there is no such as having a plant based diet because Asian culture believes eating meat is a blessing and a sign of wealth. I wanted to explore this topic in a wider range because I have heard many stories about how being vegan has many health benefits versus the drawbacks.

This topic is extremely interesting because of allt he arguments that are created due to this belieft of being vegan. There are many people who say,” being vegan means not being able to enjoy life, because of their plant based diet. Others believe that being vegan has been the best thing that has happened in their lives due to the health benefits. Most people in America live on an animal based diet which means it is difficult for them to understand those with a different diet such as a plant based on. This creates an issue because most restaurants in San Francisco only serve entrees with meat in them. There are only a few vegan restaurants. The first time that I tried a vegan restaurant was actually in Macao and no in San Francisco because I barley see any advertisement on vegan restaurants. It was quite amazing and the food was not boring. This experience helped me destroy the negative image that I had on veganism.

The only way we can change the stereotype on veganism is to learn about the lifestyle that goes with it. In the article,: Vegans Go Glam” by Jeff Gordinier, he gives us detailed examples on what it is like to be vegan and how others view veganism. Gordinier states that even celebrities such as Bill Clinton and Beyonce are believes in veganism. Most people think that being vegan means constantly eating bean burritos, flavorless food and tofu, it is more than that. There are many different ways to make food taste good without animal products and the article gives us examples based on a vegan family. For example, if they were to make a “seafood tower”, they would replace the lobster with lobster mushrooms. It would still taste just as good even though it does not have meat. Gordinier found it weird that the family ate tortilla chips without cheese, salsa, or sour cream, but the children loved it. Also many others said that being vegan provided them more energy, improved their skin tone, and made them feel better about themselves. Even Though a lot of people still have judgement on being vegan, they are slowing considering it.

Most vegan restaurant have customers who are vegan, they also have a good amount of customers who are not. Another article that I found,” Restaurants Where Vegans and Meat Lovers Can Break Bread Together”, is about a restaurant that serves both vegan and meat entrees. It might not seem so interesting because most people alreayd think that restaurants have option but a lot of restaurant lack it. Mr. Jacob, who owns this restaurant, graduated from french culinary school, he is not vegetarian or vegan but his diet mostly contains greens such as a plant based diet. He stated that he started out as having one night in the week dedicated to being vegetarian with his family, but later became his regular diet. He said one of the best things about beign vegan is that he found a new discovery of food because most of us would never think about vegetables being the star of a fish. We mostly think about the protein that comes with it. Both of these articles give good examples on what it is like to be vegan.

I feel like if I want to go into more debt about this topic, I need to find articles with the view of a vegetarian or omnivore. As of right now I only have articles showing one side of the story when there is obviously other people who disagree with this belief. It would be more interesting if I added people with different opinions. For example my blogs would contain, What is Vegan?, Why do people convert to veganism?, Do they have any struggle and etc. There are many directions that I can go with this topic, I just need to narrow it down and i feel like it would be an interesting topic. There is so much to talk about but I should watch out for how much information I put into each blog because I would not want them to sound repetitive, it would not be as interesting.