The reason I continue

You read it everywhere about the stress and struggle of building a company. Not a startup, a company. Article after article is about the struggles of finding the early adopters and the traction in the early days, blah blah blah. You’ve heard it all, and you think that won’t be me this time around. I have learned from all the articles and stories and know when to steer clear of certain pitfalls and challenges.

You’re wrong.

Do it all yourself, build it and you’ll realize that you’ve not learned from all the stories because you were never meant to. Those stories were almost a rite of passage for entrepreneurs, to teach you how to work with your back against the wall. To learn how to handle situations where there is inevitable sacrifice. That is what I have learned from those stories.

There are always fears that what we’re building might be for nothing, that it may never actually take off. Statistics are against us and so is common logic (if you’re into that). There are moments when I ask myself, what is going to keep my going? What is going to keep me running while I am on a shoestring budget and the way up is to spend more money that I do not have or work 32 hours a day?

I have an answer now. In fleeting moments at least. It’s the music.

Seriously. It’s the music. It alters my chemical composition, mindset and everything in between. It keeps the engine running, it keeps the passion burning. I have been lucky recently to be so involved with music and musicians and I think that keeps me up at night, to have the responsibility to make my company a success for them and myself and it also helps me sleep, knowing that I am doing what I love.

It’s a strange give and take doing what you love. It hurts you all that much when you’re down and makes it just that much better when moments are sweet. Better than a stale middle ground I think.