Леанід Афрэмаў
Everything is arranged so that it be this way, this is what is called culture.
Jacques Derrida


0 1 ..71828

.obliquus elicit

beholding the intrinsic woe/lves

double toasted retaliator versus

al fresco kinēmatograph

;sabe usted.

And that d/well/er had it done because she was a d/well/er already, what else would happen anyway?

And that skitterer will have it done because he will have been between the future and death.

Negative, all a d/well/er is a d/well/er, all a skitterer is a skitterer; the definition in the first place would diminish itself if a dweller is a skitterer. Thence, numerical fallacies commence in a dark setting.

ethereal epoch





reciprocality? is it of

Augmented deconstruction with apple sauce.

best served re/mote


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