Difference between natural and unnatural (artificial) backlinks

Natural and unnatural pattern backlinks

Backlinks are the most important for search engine optimization (SEO). There are some rules introduce by Google webmaster. Those guidelines help to safe websites reputation and search engine rankings. Off site SEO (link building) increase website incoming traffic, referral traffic and search rankings. Quality links with quality content is equal to internet marketing success. There are two type of link building campaign. Bulk backlinks (unnatural pattern), White hat backlinks (Natural pattern)

1- Unnatural pattern (Artificial backlinks):

There is no limit of website backlinks. But the most important thing is quality or value of the links. However you will create rel Nofollow links. Mostly people hire fake SEO companies or freelancers who will start ongoing unnatural pattern link building campaign. This strategy give search results very fast but the results still on top page on few and after few days website not visible on search results and site traffic also decrease. There are some reasons about how

· There are teams of robots worker who will start website link building campaign without make proper strategy.

· More than page rank 1 or page ranks 0 backlinks.

· Already penalized website backlinks.

· Create unnatural and non niche relevant low page rank blog comments.

· The link building campaign for only one keyword (Target variety of website keywords)

· Low page rank and bad content contextual guest posting or forum posting.

· More than 100 plus low page rank links for only one website.

· Get baclinks from bad category or illegal websites.

· Unnatural blog roll.

· Unnatural quality of backlink content.

2- White hat Backlinks (Natural pattern)

Quality links and quality content is most important part of White hat link building. Natural pattern backlinks increase website traffic and keyword rankings slowly but steadily. The impact of natural pattern strategy not only improve website SEO, those backlinks also gain domain authority of the website. Google webmaster natural pattern links guidelines provide complete details about “how to get natural pattern backlinks”. There are some important step of white hat off-site SEO

· Use post relevant unique content to create link to the other website or blog comments.

· The page rank to the link website is minimum page rank 6 or more.

· One backlink for one website make your website healthy.

· Use multiple search terms/keywords of your website.

· Higher page rank social bookmarking (Page rank 6 and more)

· Higher page rank article directories submission (Page rank 5 and more)

· Create higher domain authority web 2.0 blog networks

· Higher page rank forum posting. (Topic relevant content)

· Higher domain authority questions and answers.

· Build relationship to other top domain authority websites owners and start guest posting.

· Create higher page ranking local directories listing and submissions websites.

· Images submission are also easy to index and Penguin/Panda safe. Create more than page rank 7 and above images submission links.

· Product or services relevant videos submission gain your website traffic and keyword rankings. This method is safe for your website reputation.

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