How to Make the Friendship Funnel Work?

The surest way to find a friend in your new country.

“Did you leave a lot of friends in Moscow, when you’ve moved to Tel Aviv?” — I was asked at a party.

It was a strange question because I’ve left them all.

I moved to Israel about a year ago. I was alone. Days went by, but no one called me. I had almost 0 growth of friends during the first month in Israel.

The friendship mechanics

Meeting people by chance could be exhausting if there is no chance to have a friendship. So I invented The Friendship Funnel!

It seemed to be a singularity exponential growth of real good friends in future 3 months. Maybe I will need to buy an extra space on Inbox or install a Snapchat to interact with new friends.

I was so excited and signed up Twitter to make the first post about my invention:

Nothing could stop me to make a second one:

So, what is The Friendship Funnel?

How does this Holy Grail work? It’s better to see:


Find your club of interests. Go and meetup someone! Meetup is like a night club: everybody picks up each other. Use the empathy instead of the pragmatism.


Did you pick up someone? Go and buy him/here a coffee. Offer coffee for everyone you see. People love coffee in all over the world. Coffee is legal. The oxymoron “Decaf Coffee” proves, that coffee is loved worldwide. Check this coffee-lovers-world-map:


Sure, you are full of coffee. Go home, arrange your new contacts and find them on FB. It’s so cool when people post their activities on Facebook. Focus on sports and travelings. Find someone, who posts his running, cycling, yoga of hiking experience. This posts could be like a signal: “Bro, let’s do it together!”

Love hiking? Join me. I am not joking:


Love running? Look for this kind of maps in your news feed:



Go on! The is nothing better for strong friendship than doing activities together. Of course, you can meet someone accidentally and make strong relationships by chance, but The Friendship Funnel increase your opportunity.

For sure:

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