Coffee Upgrade

I am excited to receive my new coffee brewing setup in a couple days. Pour over coffee from the amazing Alchemy here in Lawrence, KS set my heart lusting for more than Mr. Coffee could provide. Each morning I plan to brew many cups at once. My equipment choices reflect that need.

Chemex was the clear choice of brewing vessel. The 10 cup model is the most versatile. One cup or ten, the Chemex can handle it. Ease of cleanup had me select the glass handle model. I will also use Chemex filters.

I really never considered a different kettle than the Bonavita 1.7 Liter. Precise brewing temperature, temperature hold, and a goose neck are the key features.

After consulting reddit the only debate was over grinder. Burr not blade is essential. Your grounds must be as uniform as possible. The OE Lido 2 is gorgeous and a great grinder from all accounts, but I thought it might annoy my wife when it was her turn to brew. I saved $80 and went with the Baratza Encore Grinder.

All the links here are to
It was convenient to order everything in one place. Their videos were informative.

As I begin the journey toward great coffee I plan to catalog my brews. Please follow along and shortcut your own process.

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