I think this is a case where simply showing empathy and trying to understand other races is the…

And how is any of that hollow rhetoric different from Trump stating that he knows how it feels to have a ‘rigged’ system against him similar to African-Americans. It’s the exact same worthless platitudes.

Simply shouting hollow phrases is irrelevant, when voters know the actual policies are detrimental to their interests. Mccain supported amnesty in 2008, it didn’t help him at all.

Rubio himself even stated that there was no political solution to the problem, positioning himself identical to Trump on the issue. That response only convinced that black voter why they would not have any reason to vote for him in the first place, since he had nothing to offer, no solution at all. In fact by stating there was no political solution, he was only rationalizing the current system of discrimination by defending it.

Rubio in particular is one of the worst offenders on par with Trump, he is fully in favor of harsh drug laws, much worse than even Rand.

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