tl;dr I’ve attended my very first remote conference, learned a ton of stuff and fell in love with the cozy atmosphere and people.

Conferences… I actually love them, and the level of excitement in the weeks before the event nearly kills me every time. But as soon as I’m there, the time is pretty stressful and exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I really love conferences, especially tech conferences, where you can meet a lot of new and interesting people or learn something new about cool topics. Of course, this has it’s price. Usually, the more prominent conferences are super expensive and in the range of 1000s of $$$. The thing that bothered me most was actually the half-life time of those events. …

tl;dr learned a ton of stuff by building my personal site new from the ground up

Well, you know me. I did it again. From time to time, I’m getting bored with things. This also holds for my personal site. In 2019, I did a lot less than I have imagined at the start of the year. But that’s another story. On a rainy, autumn day, I finally sat down and looked at my site… and you know what? I’ve decided to redo it! But this time, entirely from scratch! The past stack was build on a static site using Jekyll as a generator. Hosting was done via Github Pages. It was pretty straightforward actually. I had first built this setup in May 2017. …

tl;dr went to two 48 hour hackathons in two weeks, learned a ton of stuff, shipped cool products and took home a price

You know what? I love hackathons! ❤️ Since my first one a few years ago, it was love from first sight. …


Marvin Messenzehl

I’m leading tech innovation in insurance at SV SparkassenVersicherung. I share my learnings and thoughts through writing things

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