When I started my illustration learning journey late 2015, I was impatient and wanted to rush through the process as quickly as possible. But with time I found out that the following newly-adopted habits have helped take my illustration style to a totally different level.

It’s been a while since I posted anything on Medium. The posts right before this one were from 2016 and they reflect the kind of illustration style I had during that time.

I have moved on from that point and my illustration style has grown in so many ways over the past few months. That’s why instead of posting a roundup about what’s been going on in 2017, I thought I’d give the How-To writing style that is so prevalent on Medium a shot!

The following are 3 tips and observations from my own journey as an illustrator bent on…

Yaansoon Illustration

Illustrator and artist with a passion for world & tribal cultures + botanical & culinary stories | Blogger @ https://yaansoon.com | https://twitter.com/yaansoon

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